Bojler is an email framework

Bojler is an email framework for developing responsive and lightweight email templates that will render correctly across each of the most popular email clients.

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Download — v5.0.3

Why should I care?

You should care because it will raise overall quality of your email templates, speed up your development process and welcome you to 21st century.

Overall Quality

Overall quality of your email templates will raise because you'll be able to work in controlled environment with modern tools and latest technologies.

Development Time

Thanks to built-in automation (SASS compiler, CSS inliner and CSS linter) and boilerplate template it's easy to start and work on every new email template.

Enter 21st Century

It's 21st century, stop writing inlined CSS! Bojler gives you ability to create responsive email templates with modern grid system, SASS and built-in CSS inliner.

Bojler superpowers

Bojler is combination of carefully selected and only most necessary features. We try to keep it as small and lean as possible.

Built-in Inliner

We know how painful it is to write inlined CSS or use 3rd party app to inline it. Bojler inlines your CSS every time you make a change, it's simple as that.

Boilerplate Template

Bojler started out as a single boilerplate HTML file. Now it is bigger and gives you plenty of features but our base boilerplate template is still here.

Built with SASS

Modifying and extending bojler is now a lot easier because it’s written with SASS. Missing mixins, nesting and extending? You have them here and now with bojler.


Yes, email templates can be responsive. Bojler has responsive utility classes, custom breakpoint and everything else to make responsive possible.

Reset Styles

Reset styles are great starting point for your email template development. They fix all well known bugs in various email clients and let you focus on important things.

Grid System

Grid handles the skeletal aspect of your email template. With modern grid, bojler gives you a solid base to start laying out your content in simple and standardised way.


Bojler includes simple and easily customised typography styles, system fonts stack, reset classes for lists and much more to create a solid base for your content.

Utility Classes

High-specificity, very explicit selectors and helper classes. You can use them to easily manipulate with things such as backgrounds, spacing and typography.


Components are pre-made blocks of code which you can use to build your own email template. These components are optional and other things don’t depend on them.

How to start?

The best way to start with bojler is by reading getting started guide in documentation section of the website. If this is not first time you’re using bojler for email development just hit download button, you already know what to do next.

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